Veronika Walch… a multilingual Hungarian linguist to an accountant come photographer and a true blue ozzie! Well this is not a resume so back to who is Photoplankton!

On a more serious note from a linguistic perspective, PHO-TO-PLANK-TON is a play on “phytoplankton”, which itself is derived from the Greek words phyto (plant) and plankton (made to wander or drift). They are the microscopic marine algae and are the basis of several aquatic food webs, providing food for a wide range of tiny sea creatures that are in turn food for larger animals like sea turtles, fish and whales. 

Leaving all the linguistic formalities behind….I chose this pseudonym as it reflects how we each have our own small part to play in helping to ensure this perfectly working ecosystem can continue to thrive. From plankton to human, and from underwater photography to daily reality, our everyday actions have  impact on the ocean and all those that rely on it.

‘The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever’ (Jacques Cousteau)


When I first started my underwater adventures, I was blown away by what I saw and had to share the beauty and wonder on Instagram. The more time I spent underwater, the more I appreciated the fantastical yet fragile world that existed right beneath our noses. I felt obligated to do what I could, investing my time in cleanup activities, animal rescue and generally to help create awareness.

The ocean was calling and so changes were about to happen… I eventually quit my job as an account as it was not fulfilling, not nearly as what I felt beneath the surface of the waves. Well the saying goes ‘The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever’. It certainly did and my life started to change for the better, where I took a course in photography to further hone my skills on my biggest passions – the ocean and photography.

Visiting Bluey, an endangered green sea turtle while in the loving care of the Australian Seabird Rescue team. 

Spirit of collaboration

It soon became apparent to me that our minute patch of aquatic reserve is not in as good shape as you’d think, with plastic pollution and fishing debris fast becoming a problem. This was a sad realisation and much of it preventable, if only we were able to make better choices. I became much more concious of using sustainable alternatives, and found there are so many great ways we can contribute to make a difference. I established my small business to support and aid a more eco living approach, creating environmentally friendly products combined with my photography. In doing so I hope to highlight the wonders of our local marine life whilst also promoting a more sustainable way of living not only for us, but for our children too.

For you

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